Video Business Cards In Different Formats

Even in the era of various digital platforms, not all business tools are affected by technological advancement. Business cards are one of them. They play an important role in establishing a reputation for the business. So, if you are getting a chance to make it more presentable and attractive then why not try it. Nowadays, technology has extended its limitation and is helping business owners to boost their awareness via video cards marketing. These cards comprise of an LCD and a speaker is embedded into the card. It has a 2.4” LCD in the front showing the promotional content and can also be found in various formats which are as follows.

Single format

These cards are usually less expensive in comparison to others and are made of PCB board which has low decoder over head. It generally plays the AWM video files only. These files are highly compressed and are perfectly fit into the screen of 17/8X 13. 8”. But the thing is that it doesn’t have software that can convert any format into AWM files, so if you are choosing this card then you should have AWM format card only.


These types of cards can be an ideal choice if you are running any large scale business because it allows you to use any type of video formats like MP4, MPEG, AVI, and many more. These cards are made of good quality PCB board. That is why they are more expensive than others. You can upload any video format in this card via USB drive without any problem.