Different Types Of Nail Manicures

Nails require maintenance from time to time as they grow at a fast rate. If you don’t maintain your nails, their growth will become irregular and they might get oddly shaped. In Milton, there are a lot of professional parlors, one of them being Tamara Salons that provide different types of manicures for making your nails smoother and better looking. You can go to any reputed nail salon from Milton in order to receive those treatments and make your nails look better.

There are different manicures for nails and some of the most popular ones are listed below.

Hot oil manicure : This is considered to be a very relaxing as well and luxurious type of manicure that you can get. To start with, your fingers will first be soaked into warm natural oils and they will moisturize your dry hands. The oils can be used as per your preferences as there are no set types of oil that can be used.

3D manicure : In this type of manicure, acrylic is placed on fake nails and then they are painted as per the preferences of the person or the design that they are going for. This allows for making some innovative designs and will allow you to get beautiful looking nails by simply sticking the fake nails over the real one.

Soak off gel manicure : Under this manicure, nails are painted with soak-off gel polish and then every layer of nail polish is cured with UV light before applying another layer. These will dry off very easily and will last for at least 2-3 weeks.