Tips For Making An Effective Responsive Website Design

“Nowadays, users of Bristol use their tablets and smartphones for all their needs, and thus as a website designer, you must know the need for a responsive website. The website that you are designing must not look good only on the desktop but on the smartphones too. The demand and need for responsive website design in Bristol is continuously increasing so you can opt for the mentioned below tips to make an effective responsive website design” suggested the head of designing team of

Layout of your website – Days are gone when web designers used to base web design on fixed-size pixels. As per the changing industry, you must also opt for fluid grid layouts that make your website a responsive one. These flexible grids are capable enough to expand and change according to the screen dimensions.

Media queries with breakpoints – You can optimize your website layout using the media queries so that it can fit on the screen of any dimension. Media query helps in checking the width, orientation, and resolution of the device and when this is done, appropriate CSS rules are displayed. Media queries can also be used as breakpoints so that the website becomes more optimized.

Media of the content – To make a website mobile responsive, you must add the media accordingly. Images and videos that you have to put in the mobile version of the website could be challenging but it is an essential step to make a good responsive website design. Media should be easily visible to the users when they are browsing through their mobiles and smartphones.