Different Types Of Labeling Adhesives Used On Bottles

Label adhesives are the main component which helps the labels to stay on the bottles and other product pickings. Different industries use different kinds of adhesives for their labels as today there are numerous types of labels available in the market.

These are the most common types of adhesives used for bottle labels:

Hot Melt Adhesives – These are rubber based adhesives which are applied on the labels under high pressure and temperature. When it is applied on the labels, subsequently it starts to cure itself and sticks on it. These kinds of adhesive are so soft that they easily stick even on rough and non-smooth surfaces like cardboards. You can see this kind of adhesive used mostly for cider bottle labels.

Removal Adhesives – Since they are removable thus they have a lower adhesion level which is mostly used on the labels of plastic bottles like soda, mineral water and other drinks. Although, they have less adhesion property but they have enough grip which keeps the label fixed on the bottle until it is removed by hand. Their adhesion level also depends upon the surface of the bottle and at what temperature it is being applied.

Water based adhesive – These kinds of adhesives are made in two forms i.e. Natural based polymers and soluble synthetic polymers. These adhesives have super tacking strength, once the water is evaporated from the solution. They are mostly used on the large cans of milk or other plastic bottles or cans. There are easy and simple to apply and also they don’t even cost much to the manufacturers.