Does Website Design Affect Sales Of A Business?

In this technologically advanced generation, website is an essential need for all types and sizes of business. Out of many other things, sales is one of the most important things that is highly influenced by the design of a website. A good website design can drive a lot of people to it and improve sales for a business.

What design elements drive away existing and new customers of a website?

  • A complicated or busy layout that is hard to understand
  • Poor navigation
  • Poor use of font and color
  • Boring design
  • Pop up adverts
  • Small print that makes it hard to read
  • A lot of text with less images

How does a website design portray a business as credible?

The design of your website is what makes people interested or disinterested in your business. Berkshire is a county that is situated on the west of London. Website design in Berkshire focusses on providing a clean, professional and optimized website that gives a reliable and trustworthy image to a business. People gravitate towards such websites and considers them for their future purchase.

Making a website usable improves business sales

An important feature of the design of a website is its usability. A simple navigation on the website allows visitors to move effortlessly through the marketing funnel and eliminates drop offs and queries to a considerable extent.


Design is one of the most important considerations of any business website. A good web design makes a business look credible, genuine and competent. It gives it the power to enhance business sales and take it to higher levels.